IT Staff Augmentation and FTE Placement

Baja Technologies provides Staff Augmentation and FTE Placement Services for companies that need to quickly grow their teams on a limited budget.

Whether you need to hire your first engineer or your team is already well-established but needs to grow temporarily to cope with a specific project, outsourcing remote developers is key to your business, helping you reduce costs, increase development capacity, and delivering more value in less time.

IT staffing services

The Talent Needed to Boost Your Projects

Workflow Processes

Fluent, transparent and constant communication. Automation and data control capabilities. Deadlines, resources, and cooperation policies.

Security Protocols

Standardized procedures. Policy awareness and enforcement. Disaster recovery management.

Talent Pool

Top talented engineers in the market. High productivity and performance. A knack for innovation.

Time Zone

Real-time communication capabilities. Distributed teams management. International reach and locations.

English Proficiency

Fluent, transparent, and constant communication. English-speaking and multilingual employees. Regional language proficiency level.

Software Development Models

Use of effective frameworks like Agile and Scrum. Real-world experience on different projects and industries. Development team and customer relationship.

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